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London 2019 — School trip

From 1st to 8th July a group of students from IES Nicolás Copérnico and IES Luis Vélez de Guevara went on a school trip to London. They were accompanied by Inma and Juan Jesús (their English teachers) and by Pablo and Laura, two leaders from Lis Education.

We left Écija on 1st July at noon and flew from Seville to London. Finally, we arrived to the Stay Campus London School of English, at Colindale, at about 20:00 h.

We became familiar with the huge building, its different floors and its rules. This was the main hall with the reception on the ground floor.

This was the 1st floor, where classes took place.

This was the 7th floor, where we had a lot of fun and met other students from different countries.

On weekdays we had classes from 9:00 to 12:20 h. and after that we took the Northern line of the tube to visit London.

On the first day we visited Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, Chinatown and Buckingham Palace.

Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square
Lego London
Lego London
The National Gallery
Buckingham Palace

On the second day we visited Wellington Arch, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens…

Wellington Arch
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

The Natural History Museum…

The Science Museum…

The Albert Memorial and the Royal Albert Hall…

And Kensington Palace and Princess Diana’s Memorial:

On the third day we went to Camden Town, the British Museum and King’s Cross-St Pancras Station:

Camden Town
Camden Market
Camden Town
Camden Town
Camden Town Station
British Museum
British Museum – Rosetta Stone
British Museum
British Museum
British Museum
A little rest after the museum
Harry Potter’s platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross-St Pancras Station

On the fourth day we travelled to Greenwich Borough. On our way there we saw a part of the city that seemed to belong to the future. Then we visited the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park and Greenwich Observatory, where the Prime Meridian is. We finished the day in Oxford Street.

On the way to Greenwich
London of the future
London of the future
National Maritime Museum
National Maritime Museum
National Maritime Museum
Towards the Observatory
A magnificent view of London
Prime Meridian
Prime Meridian

On our fifth day we went on a tour along the banks of the river Thames. We began at Westminster, saw the Big Ben (completely covered, since they are restoring it) and Westminster Abbey. After that, we crossed the bridge and took some photos under the London Eye. Later, we walked by the river and saw the Tate Modern, Millenium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe (not the original one, but a replica), Tower Bridge, London Wall and the Tower of London. We finished the day at Covent Market.

The Big Ben was being restored
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Bridge
The Thames
Millenium Bridge, with St Paul’s cathedral on the other side
Shakespeare’s The Globe
Towards Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
London, past and future (1)
London, past and future (2)
London, past and future (3)

On our sixth day it was Sunday and we travelled to Oxford. At the beginning, the day was rainy, but then there was sunshine. We visited many interesting places and went to the Natural History Museum of Oxford and to the Ashmolean Museum. We had a great day!

Bridge of Sighs
Natural History Museum of Oxford
Asmolean Museum

On Sunday evening we came back to the Stay Campus London School of English and we packed our cases for the next day.

On Monday 8th, we left the school at 7:30 h. and London at noon. We arrived in Écija in the evening.

It was a fantastic trip, one more year coordinated by Lis Education. We will never forget this wonderful experience.

Thanks to our teachers, to Laura and Pablo, and to Lis Education for making this dream possible!