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Gibraltar 2017 — School trip



On 6th and 7th June 2017, 21 students from IES Nicolás Copérnico (3º A) enjoyed a school trip to Gibraltar and Baelo Claudia. We went with two teachers: Juan Jesús Aguilar and Belén Domínguez.

We left Écija on Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. and arrived at La Línea de la Concepción at 10:30 a.m. Then we crossed the border and, once in Gibraltar, we began our visit to the British colony.

IMG_9337-red IMG_9345-red IMG_9351-red


First we got to Casemates Square and walked along Main Street. We met some amazing street artists.

IMG_9352-red IMG_9360-red IMG_9362-red

At the end of Main Street we saw the Cable Car and, a little bit further, the Botanic Garden.

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After that, we went the way back along Main Street and it was time for a gymkhana. We had to find out the answer to some general questions about Gibraltar and spoke in English with some people in the street.

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After the gymkhana, we were really hungry. Most of us solved the problem at a McDonald’s.


Once our bellies were full, we had a couple of hours to go sightseeing, shopping or simply relax, until everybody met at Casemates Square at 16:30. It was time to go on the guided Rock Tour!

IMG_9389-red IMG_9391-red IMG_9395-red

We crossed the city and arrived at Europa Point, where we saw a red and white lighthouse, a mosque and the coast of Africa on the other side of the Straight.

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Our next stop was St. Michael’s Cave, an example of the many galleries that cross the soul of the huge Rock.

IMG_9431-red IMG_9434-red IMG_9435-red IMG_9442-red

There were some of the famous Gibraltar’s monkeys outside the Cave and we saw some others at Ape’s Den. The sights from up there were amazing!

IMG_9418-red IMG_9422-red IMG_9424-red

IMG_9451-red IMG_9456-red IMG_9461-red IMG_9476-red IMG_9477-red IMG_9483-red

Finally, we left Gibraltar on foot and got on our bus at 19:00. We headed towards our hostel, Inturjoven Sur de Europa, in Algeciras. It was a nice place!

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At 10:00 a.m. we arrived at the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia and we began our visit. The place, its history, its sights, its magic… Everything was wonderful!

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It was a really hot day, but we didn’t care about it because we knew that, after our cultural visit, Bolonia Beach was waiting for us. We swam, played and sunbathed for five hours!

In the end, at 17:00, we said good-bye to Bolonia and got on the bus. Our next stop would be our hometown. We arrived at 20:30. We were exhausted but very happy because we had had a great time!

We want to say thank you to our teachers, Juan Jesús and Belén, for sharing those two days full of new places and experiences with us!