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Dublin 2018 — School trip



Last July 2018, a group of students from IES Nicolás Copérnico and IES Luis Vélez de Guevara went on a school trip to Dublin (Ireland). They were accompanied by their two English teachers, Juan Jesús Aguilar and Inmaculada García, and also by Pedro Fernández, a member of Lis Education International Language School.

We left Écija on 24th July, took a plane at Seville’s airport and arrived in Dublin in the evening. It was a comfortable trip. Once there, the families the students were staying with picked them up and took them home.

On the next day, everybody met at Oscar’s School, in Dame Street. We had English classes there from 9 am to 12 pm every weekday.

On the different days, we visited many places in the city. You can see many photos bellow:

(O’Connel Street and The Spire)

IMG_5020-red IMG_5031-red

(St Stephen’s Park and the Natural History Museum)

IMG_4990-red IMG_4994-red IMG_4996-red IMG_4998-red IMG_4999-red IMG_5008-red IMG_5009-red

(A visit to Dublin Castle… and to ancient Dublin)

IMG_5039-red IMG_5042-red IMG_5045-red IMG_5048-red IMG_5051-red IMG_5055-red IMG_5058-red IMG_5061-red IMG_5064-red IMG_5073-red IMG_5076-red IMG_5096-red IMG_5098-red

(Going seriously green!)


(At the back of Dublin Castle you can find Chester Beatty Library. It’s a great place! Here are some examples of its collections. We found some ancestors of present-day mangas!)

IMG_5116-red IMG_5119-red IMG_5121-red IMG_5124-redIMG_5126-redIMG_5125-red IMG_5130-red IMG_5133-red IMG_5134-red


(The river Liffey and visiting Temple Bar)

IMG_5187-redIMG_5500-red IMG_5198-redIMG_5199-red IMG_5527-redIMG_5200-red IMG_5538-red

(Molly Malone, one of Dublin’s emblems, in Suffolk Street, next to Saint Andrew’s Church and our academy)

IMG_5209-red IMG_5211-red

(Trinity College)

IMG_5220-red IMG_5216-red IMG_5213-red

(Dublin’s Town Hall)


(Oscar Wilde’s statue at Merrion Square and The National Museum of Ireland)

IMG_5265-red IMG_5221-red IMG_5226-red IMG_5227-red IMG_5233-red IMG_5238-red IMG_5251-red IMG_5255-red IMG_5256-red IMG_5261-red

(One afternoon we took the DART and went to Howth, on the very coast near Dublin. We went on a little boat and visited Ireland’s Eye.)

PHOTO-2018-08-31-12-06-57 PHOTO-2018-08-31-12-06-59PHOTO-2018-08-31-12-51-16PHOTO-2018-08-31-12-07-23 PHOTO-2018-08-31-12-51-16 (2) PHOTO-2018-08-31-12-51-17 PHOTO-2018-08-31-12-51-15

(On Saturday, we didn’t go to school. We visited Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains National Park. The views, the graveyard, the lake… Everything was amazing!)

IMG_5283-red IMG_5285-red IMG_5295-red IMG_5296-red IMG_5305-red IMG_5309-red IMG_5315-red IMG_5320-red IMG_5322-red IMG_5326-red IMG_5333-red IMG_5336-redIMG_5359-redIMG_5361-red IMG_5377-red IMG_5383-red IMG_5387-red IMG_5394-red IMG_5395-red IMG_5401-red


(Finally, at Dublin airport. Time to come back home after spending a great week in Ireland!)




Well, this was our trip to Dublin. Thanks to our teachers, Inma and Juan Jesús, and also to Pedro (Lis Education) because they made it possible.

We had a wonderful time together and we made new friends. We’ll always remember those days in which we had fun, learnt some English and became more mature people. THANKS!!!