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Bristol 2017 — School trip


A group of students from IES Nicolás Copérnico spent the firts two weeks of July 2017 in Bristol (England). Our plane landed in London and we took a bus to Bristol.
Students stayed at host families and attended English classes at BLC during weekdays. We want to share our wonderful and unforgettable experience with you!

This was our first contact with Bristol. After our first morning of classes, we went to see its cathedral, located in one of the sides of College Green.

IMG_9731-redIMG_9760-redIMG_9737-redIMG_9742-red IMG_9738-red IMG_9749-redIMG_9751-red


These are some photos of BLC. It was very close to St Mary Redcliffe Church, really different from our churches in Écija, but really beautiful.

IMG_9773-red IMG_0309-red IMG_0308-red IMG_0139-red IMG_0306-red

IMG_0088-red IMG_0089-red IMG_0091-red IMG_0092-red IMG_0103-red IMG_0096-red

After classes, we went to visit some interesting places in Bristol. Next to the aquarium we found this huge ball. Below, you have quite a peculiar bridge and some beautiful views of the river Avon.

IMG_9793-red IMG_9959-red IMG_9961-red

IMG_0815-red IMG_0804-red

Then we visited the MShed Museum. It is next to the river Avon and has some interesting pieces related to Bristol history. After that we saw the Arnolfini museum.

IMG_9799-redIMG_9797-red IMG_9800-red IMG_9804-red IMG_9816-red IMG_9819-red IMG_9811-redIMG_9820-redIMG_0146-red IMG_0148-red

On Saturdays, we had our long trips. The first one was to London! Some of us had not seen this great city before and we loved it! We saw the London Eye, Westminster and the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St James Park, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown and the British Museum.

IMG_9831-red IMG_9838-red IMG_9849-red IMG_9854-red IMG_9863-red IMG_9865-red IMG_9883-red IMG_9903-redIMG_9905-red IMG_9929-red

This is Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of the typical landmarks of the city. It was designed by the famous British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who also designed the SS Great Britain, the first steel ship which crossed the Atlantic Ocean moved by a propeller.

IMG_0226-red IMG_0233-red IMG_0271-red IMG_0264-red IMG_0280-red IMG_0283-red IMG_0287-redIMG_0823-red IMG_0836-red

On Monday afternoons we had some trips outside Bristol. One of them was to Oxford, where we visited Christ Church. We went into The Great Hall where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. These are some other places we saw there.

IMG_9968-red IMG_9983-red IMG_9984-red IMG_9990-red IMG_0026-red IMG_0027-red IMG_0034-red IMG_0039-red IMG_0052-red IMG_0060-red IMG_0077-red

Back at Bristol, we visited these places after our English classes.
– Red Lodge (a typical house of 17th-century Bristol, when the city was crucial in the trade between Britain and its colonies in the New World).

IMG_0190-red IMG_0158-red IMG_0175-red IMG_0177-red

– Bristol Museum.

IMG_0338-red IMG_0341-red IMG_0343-red IMG_0364-red IMG_0367-red IMG_0368-red IMG_0372-red

– Cabot Tower (on one of the highest points of the city, therefore the great views).

IMG_0315-red IMG_0318-red IMG_0321-red IMG_0329-red IMG_0330-red

– The Georgian House (another typical house owned by a XXX, a wealthy plantation owner. Again, part of Bristol’s trading history with the British colonies).

IMG_0800-red IMG_0747-red IMG_0750-red IMG_0768-red IMG_0793-red IMG_0785-red

On the next Saturday, we visited three places in one day! Salisbury, Stonehenge and Winchester.
First, we went to Salisbury, where we admired its beautiful catedral (quite famous worldwide since it appears on Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth).

IMG_0518-red IMG_0526-red IMG_0534-red IMG_0546-red IMG_0531-red IMG_0535-red IMG_0549-red IMG_0554-red IMG_0522-red IMG_0561-red

We also visited the Church of St Thomas Becket there.

IMG_0571-red IMG_0582-red IMG_0574-red IMG_0573-red IMG_0576-red

Not far from Salisbury is the worldwide-known Stonehenge, an incredible megalithic landmark. It was so ancient and inspiring!

IMG_0584-red IMG_0597-red IMG_0608-red IMG_0624-red IMG_0635-red

Finally, we went to Winchester, where we saw King Arthur’s Round Table.

IMG_0655-red IMG_0674-red IMG_0663-red IMG_0684-red

Our last visit before coming back to Écija was Bath, a really nice city. We saw its cathedral, the Roman Baths (from the outside), the King’s Circus, The Jane Austin House (from the outside), the Royal Crescent, the Assembly Rooms and the peculiar Pulteney Bridge.
It began to rain while we were at Bath, typical British weather! However, we didn’t complain. In two days we were going to switch from 13º C to 45º C!

IMG_0923-red IMG_0920-red IMG_0898-red IMG_0901-red IMG_0907-red IMG_0908-red IMG_0917-redIMG_0924-red IMG_0926-red IMG_0935-red IMG_0938-red IMG_0939-red IMG_0956-red IMG_0959-red IMG_0978-red IMG_0979-red IMG_0980-red IMG_1001-red IMG_1011-red

Finally, a couple of pictures of Cabot Circus, one of our meeting points after our daily visits.


After all these wonderful experiences, we left Bristol. This is a picture of us at its airport, while waiting for our flight to Faro (Portugal). Once there, we took a bus to Écija.

This trip was an experience we’ll never forget! Thanks to our teachers, Juan Jesús Aguilar and Inma García, to David and Pedro Fernández (in charge of Lis Education) and Andy (one of their leaders), for offering us this opportunity to widen our view of the world, its people and its different languages.