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4th ESO (English)

DU 1: In the Past

DU 2: Man and Thought

DU 3: Fact of Fiction?

DU 4: Art and Books

DU 5: Crime and Law

DU 6: Our Contemporary World

Didactic Unit 0: The Beginning of the End

 Song: Lucie Silvas, What Your’re Made Of (Album: Breathe In, 2004).

Here you have a song by Lucie Silvas. You can review different verb tenses with it. Complete the worksheet and click on the image to enjoy the video!

Lucie Silvas-What You're Made OfLucie Silvas, What You’re Made Of (Worksheet)

Didactic Unit 1: In the Past

In this unit we are going to talk about Charles Darwin and his “Theory of Evolution”.

The year 2009 was declared Darwin Year. This year marked the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and also the 150th anniversary of the publication of his The Origin of Species. Watch the following video about it.

2009 Darwin Year


In the following video you will learn about Darwin’s life, his voyage on the Beagle and the theory he developed. (Click on the CC to see the subtitles in English.)



Finally, have a look at this funny video about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, taken from the Horrible Histories series. (The video used to be on YouTube, but now it’s only available on Vimeo, and there are Portuguese subtitles below the English ones.)

Darwin Horrible Stories 1Click here for a worksheet to work on this song

The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Dir.: Peter Lord and Jeff Newitt, 2012).

This animation movie presents a group of pirates that meet Charles Darwin. They travel to England together and meet Queen Victoria. Here you have two trailers of the movie and, if you want more, you have a video with the top 10 scenes of the movie, and another one with the complete movie.

4ESO-DU1-PiratesTrailer 1

4ESO-DU1-pirates2Trailer 2

4ESO-DU1-Pirates3Top 10 scenes

4ESO-DU1-Pirates4Link to full movie


At the end of Unit 1 you will  work with a song by Gotye: Somebody That I Used to Know (Album: Making Mirrors, 2011). Here you have the links to the video and to the worksheet. Enjoy!

Gotye-Somebody That I Use to Know-worksheet-web Gotye, Somebody That I Used to Know (worksheet)

Didactic Unit 2: Man and Thought

Didactic Unit 3: Fact or Fiction?

Didactic Unit 4: Art and Books

Didactic Unit 5: Crime and Law

Didactic Unit 6: Our Contemporary World